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Insurance Requirements


INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS & STARTING POINT SPRINGTIME MOTORS ... We can not start on your contract until we have the insurance. All contracts are done by appointment.

*All State*State Farm*Farmers*


*Progressive*Esurience*Liberty Mutual

These are the insurance requirements to purchase a vehicle with us.

You will need coverage before driving off!

 This will be approved with us. You will need insurance that has a $250 comp/collision deductible, Showing Springtime Motors as the lien holder. We do not except excluded driver or named only driver policies. This means even in the fine print or hidden in the policy. If your insurance has an (x) on it or any exclusions, it will not be accepted by Springtime Motors.

Picking a GREAT insurance policy is hard these days. So many choices in the Huntsville area and so many do’s and don’ts. Not to mention the money. If the cost is high or not affordable to your budget, we can talk to you about your coverage options. We always have affordable options. We have a


 The comp/collision (the vehicle) must be in effect at all times from the time you sign the contract. At any time, your insurance coverage cancel’s, or changes, we will force place coverage at that time. You will be responsible for paying the amounts due as part of your contract. Any failure to maintain and pay for insurance and or required coverage will be a breach of your contract. Coverage on our vehicle will be force placed after 5 days of us not having proof of the required coverage. No partial payments will be accepted and is due at that time. The companies listed above are preferred companies that have a higher standing in the industry and is not required, you have options. Choose your company wisely. Spring, TX has a lot of great Insurance locations to help you make the best choice for you. Everyone should be available to check out online or in person. Always remember your Liability Insurance to cover yourself .                                                                                

 If you wish to purchase from us as an un-licensed driver we do have an option that would cover the vehicle in case of an accident. The coverage would cover the vehicle/collateral only. You would still need to get liability. You will need a current non-restricted TDL to finance with us. Remember you always have the option to purchase from us or not. But we are hoping with the options available to you, that you choose to become one of our valued customers.

 If you/spouse are a licensed driver and wish to make changes to your coverage or CPI, make sure to contact us for the proper steps in how to make those changes.


  As a new customer we have explained that if you are financing In-House with us, you have a 3/3000 drive train warranty. The warranty paper outlines the warranty and coverage. Please understand that in order for us to help you in a warranty situation you will need to read your warranty in full and understand how it works. In order to work on your vehicle you will need to get the vehicle to us in a timely fashion and avoid further damage. You are purchasing a vehicle and no one has a crystal ball on every part that might go out and when. We try very hard to make sure the vehicles are worked on and ready to go. We offer this limited warranty to make sure you have some coverage. We will do what we can to keep you rolling in your new purchase, but we will need your cooperation in order to do so. Vehicles will always need to be dropped off to be worked on. We do not have a tow truck/rentals. Our goal is to get your vehicles back to you as soon as possible. If we can work together we can have a wonderful relationship. Thank you for your business!


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